A Real American Hero

#TitleWriterOriginal airdateProduction code
1 The Cobra Strikes Ron Friedman September 12, 1983 #4005
Using the M.A.S.S. device, Destro and Cobra Commander steal a powerful satellite, kidnap Duke and terrorize the world. Scarlett and the other Joes learn that the only way to stop Cobra is to build their own M.A.S.S. device. To do it they must search the globe for three precious elements and get them before Cobra does or all is lost. Duke battles for his life in Cobra's Arena of Sport. 
2 Slave of the Cobra Master Ron Friedman September 13, 1983 #4006
Duke finds an unexpected ally in the shadows of the Arena of Sport, while Snake Eyes, Scarlett, and Stalker join with Snow Job in a treacherous search for the radioactive crystals of death. Cobra terrifies the world with the impossible capture of an entire army and Duke's desperate bid for freedom seems sure to end in disaster. 
3 The Worms of Death Ron Friedman September 14, 1983 #4007
Cobra robots blast their way into the crystal mine freeing the dangerously radioactive Snake-Eyes while the G.I. Joe team dives to the ocean floor in search of the precious elements needed to stop Cobra's train of destruction and Duke and the Baroness unexpectedly join forces in a terrifying struggle against giant tube worms. 
4 Duel in the Devil's Cauldron Ron Friedman September 15, 1983 #4008
New York trembles under brink of destruction and Stalker agrees to surrender the G.I.Joe team while Scarlett, Wild Bill, and Gung-Ho fly into an erupting volcano and battle Cobra and Destro for the final element. Only with the final element do the Joes have a fighting chance. But it's a chance that may cost Scarlett her life. 
5 A Stake in the Serpent's Heart Ron Friedman September 16, 1983 #4009
Scarlett becomes a slave to Cobra and she and Salina lead a slave rebellion... while Dr. Vandermeer completes the M.A.S.S. device and the Joe team launches deadly combat with Cobra and Destro. 

The Revenge of Cobra

#TitleWriterOriginal airdateProduction code
1 In the Cobra's Pit Ron Friedman September 10, 1984 #4018
Using a laser core stolen from G.I.Joe, Cobra activates the Weather Dominator, an incredible weapon which controls the forces of Nature itself. 
2 The Vines of Evil Ron Friedman September 11, 1984 #4019
Cobra Commander targets Washington for destruction, but the Joe team repels the attack and the Weather Dominator explodes into three parts setting off a chain reaction of natural disasters around the world. 
3 The Palace of Doom Ron Friedman September 12, 1984 #4020
Cobra forces attack G.I. Joe on the stormy seas surrounding the Island of No Return and in the cursed confines of the ancient Palace of Doom. 
4 Battle on the Roof of the World Ron Friedman September 13, 1984 #4021
Zartan reveals his dangerous plan of treachery and G.I. Joe and Cobra battle for the recovery of the laser core on the roof of the world. 
5 Amusement Park of Terror Ron Friedman September 14, 1984 #4022
Storm Shadow infiltrates Joe Headquarters on a mission to steal Joe's part of the Weather Dominator and Cobra and G.I. Joe clash in the ultimate battle outside the Cobra Temple. 

Season 1: 1985-1986

#TitleWriterOriginal airdateProduction code
1 The Further Adventures of G.I. Joe Ron Friedman September 16, 1985 #600-37
Cobra hijacks a G.I. Joe-held satellite and uses it to destroy Joe Headquarters! 
2 Rendezvous in the City of the Dead Ron Friedman September 17, 1985 #600-38
Shipwreck and Snake Eyes travel underneath Enterprise City with the secret of the control cubes while G.I. Joe plans to stop Destro. 
3 Three Cubes to Darkness Ron Friedman September 18, 1985 #600-39
The Joe Team struggles to stop Cobra from installing the remaining control cubes. 
4 Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls Ron Friedman September 19, 1985 #600-40
Cobra activates the Pyramid of Darkness! 
5 Knotting Cobra's Coils Ron Friedman September 20, 1985 #600-41
The G.I. Joe team pulls out all the stops to end the threat of Cobra's Pyramid of Darkness! 
6 Countdown for Zartan Christy Marx September 23, 1985 #600-02
Zartan sets a bomb to detonate a Cobra target, but may himself become its prey! 
7 Red Rocket's Glare Ted Pedersen September 24, 1985 #600-12
Cobra uses a fast food franchise to discreetly hide rockets across the United States! 
8 Satellite Down Steve Gerber September 25, 1985 #600-13
A downed spy satellite has both the Joe Team & Cobra scrambling for its wreckage. 
9 Cobra Stops the World Steve Gerber September 26, 1985 #600-05
Cobra attacks the world's oil reserves. 
10 Jungle Trap Paul Dini September 27, 1985 #600-06
In India, Cobra kidnaps a famous scientist in an effort to build the Vulcan Machine- a device that can use the Earth's lava to terrorize cities worldwide! 
11 Cobra's Creatures Kimmer Ringwald September 30, 1985 #600-01
Cobra gains control of the world's animal population to use against the nations of Earth! 
12 The Funhouse Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty October 1, 1985 #600-23
Cobra uses kidnapped scientists as bait to lure G.I. Joe into a deadly Cobra-themed funhouse! 
13 Twenty Questions Buzz Dixon October 2, 1985 #600-19
Shipwreck's attempts to prove Cobra's existence to a nosy journalist may prove fatal. 
14 The Greenhouse Effect Gordon Kent October 3, 1985 #600-21
When an experimental rocket fuel merges with a farmer's plant food, Cobra reaps the rewards! 
15 Haul Down the Heavens Buzz Dixon October 4, 1985 #600-07
Cobra constructs a device that will melt the polar ice caps! 
16 The Synthoid Conspiracy (Part I) Christy Marx October 7, 1985 #600-16
Cobra replaces the Pentagon's top brass with artificial humans- synthoids! 
17 The Synthoid Conspiracy (Part II) Christy Marx October 8, 1985 #600-17
The disbanded Joe Team goes on the offensive to stop Cobra and their synthoids! 
18 The Phantom Brigade Sharman Di Vono October 9, 1985 #600-15
In the Carpathian Mountains, Cobra uses gypsy magic to enlist the aid of three ghosts- the Phantom Brigade! 
19 Lights! Camera! Cobra! Buzz Dixon October 10, 1985 #600-10
The Joes are hired as technical advisors for a Hollywood film, which unwittingly puts them in Cobra's sights! 
20 Cobra's Candidate Gordon Kent October 11, 1985 #600-11
Cobra employs urban gang members to help sway an election. 
21 Money to Burn Roger Slifer October 14, 1985 #600-14
Cobra's new device can remotely destroy paper currency, and they use it to destabilize the US economy! 
22 Operation Mind Menace Martin Pasko October 15, 1985 #600-09
Cobra kidnaps people with psionic abilities to use a living weapons -including Airborne's kid brother!! 
23 Battle for the Train of Gold David Carren October 16, 1985 #600-08
Cobra robs Fort Knox!! 
24 Cobra Sound Waves Ted Pedersen October 17, 1985 #600-04
Cobra has developed a new sonic weapon, and uses it to threaten an oil-rich nation! 
25 Where the Reptiles Roam Gerry and Carla Conway October 18, 1985 #600-24
Cobra purchases a dude ranch through one of its dummy corporations, intending to control a nearby solar power station. G.I. Joe travels to the ranch to flush out the Cobras. 
26 The Gamesmaster Flint Dille October 21, 1985 #600-20
An eccentric child-man kidnaps Cobra Commander, Flint, Lady Jaye, and the Baroness and places them in a world of giant, deadly toys. Joe and Cobra must unite to mount a rescue. 
27 Lasers in the Night Marv Wolfman October 22, 1985 #600-25
Quick Kick romances a civilian as they try to stop Cobra from using a large laser cannon. 
28 The Germ Roger Slifer October 23, 1985 #600-26
The Joes use all their resources to destroy a gargantuan germ that's ravaging the countryside. 
29 The Viper is Coming David Carren October 24, 1985 #600-22
Barbecue begins receiving phonecalls from a possible Cobra agent identifying himself as "The Viper". 
30 Spell of the Siren Gerry and Carla Conway October 25, 1985 #600-18
After gaining possession of a mythical relic, the Baroness usurps power over Cobra and men around the world. 
31 Cobra Quake Ted Pedersen October 28, 1985 #600-31
Cobra decides to test a new earthquake-causing weapon to disrupt a Japan peace conference. It is up to Quick Kick, Bazooka, and their trainees to stop Cobra. 
32 Captives of Cobra (Part I) Christy Marx October 29, 1985 #600-27
Cobra kidnaps relatives of the Joe team and uses mind-control technology to turn the Joes' families against them. Their goal is to steal highly unstable explosive crystals. 
33 Captives of Cobra (Part II) Christy Marx October 30, 1985 #600-36
As Joes and their family members are endangered by the highly explosive crystals, Scarlett and others try to disable the mind-control center. 
34 Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent Mary Skrenes October 31, 1985 #600-29
Is the disappearance of ships and yachts the work of a sea monster...or something more sinister? 
35 Excalibur Dan DiStefano November 1, 1985 #600-32
While G.I. Joe tries to protect their radar station and nearby villages from rising waters, Storm Shadow acquires the legendary Excalibur sword. 
36 Worlds Without End (Part I) Martin Pasko November 4, 1985 #600-27
An experimental weapon lands eight Joes in an alternate world! 
37 Worlds Without End (Part II) Martin Pasko November 5, 1985 #600-34
Trapped in a world ruled by Cobra, can the Joes make it home? 
38 Eau De Cobra Flint Dille November 6, 1985 #600-35
Cobra develops a perfume that makes men the wearer's slave. 
39 Cobra C.L.A.W.s Are Coming to Town Gerry and Carla Conway (story by Roy and Dann Thomas) November 7, 1985 #600-33
Cobra captures the G.I. Joe base and uses the Joes' vehicle in an attempt to take over a nearby town. 
40 An Eye for an Eye Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty November 8, 1985 #600-42
A civilian seeks to avenge his family that got caught in the middle of a Joes/Cobra battle. 
41 The Gods Below Gordon Kent November 11, 1985 #600-47
Cobra Commander attempts to use G.I. Joes to find the treasures inside a recently discovered Egyptian tomb. The group encounters the ancient gods of Egypt and is tested to prove their worthiness. 
42 Primordial Plot Donald F. Glut November 12, 1985 #600-43
Cobra kidnaps a scientist who has discovered how to clone dinosaurs. They bring them to life on a hidden island, and the Joes might escape the reptiles to rescue the scientist. 
43 Flint's Vacation Beth Borstein November 13, 1985 #600-44
Flint goes to visit his brother, but suspects that something is going on. 
44 Hearts and Cannons Alfred A. Pegal, Larry Houston November 14, 1985 #600-45
Cobra forces a scientist to create a new tank weapon, and Footloose and Dusty are dispatched to rescue the researcher. An Arabian bandit finds the Joes and assists them in infiltrating the Cobra base. 
45 Memories of Mara Sharmon Di Vono November 15, 1985 #600-48
Shipwreck rescues a blue-skinned woman named Mara, whom Cobra has genetically modified with the intent of producing an amphibian. As the Joes seek to retrieve a captured submarine, Shipwreck's relationship with Mara is limited by the fact that she can only breathe in water. 
46 The Traitor (Part I) Buzz Dixon November 25, 1985 #600-30
Cobra tempts a money-strapped Dusty to become an inside informant. 
47 The Traitor (Part II) Buzz Dixon November 26, 1985 #600-46
G.I. Joe struggles to combat Cobra, now aided by former G.I. Joe member Dusty. 
48 Pit of Vipers Flint Dille, James M. Ward November 27, 1985 #600-51
G.I. Joe is placed under the command of a new computer, Watchdog, which directs Joes to Cobra targets. The computer is under Cobra's control, being used to spread Joe forces thin and leave headquarters vulnerable to attack. 
49 The Wrong Stuff Stanley Ralph Ross (story by Flint Dille) November 28, 1985 #600-49
Cobra takes the fight into space. 
50 The Invaders Dennis O'Neil November 29, 1985 #600-52
A flying saucer terrorizes the world, and only the combined teams of G.I. Joe and Red Oktober can stop it. 
51 Cold Slither Michael Charles Hill December 2, 1985 #600-55
Cobra uses subliminal messages in a rock song to enslave listeners. 
52 The Great Alaskan Land Rush David Carren December 3, 1985 #600-56
G.I. Joe and Red Oktober seek the true Great Seal of Alaska. 
53 Skeletons in the Closet Flint Dille December 11, 1985 #600-57
Lady Jaye learns that she has inherited land in Scotland. When she visits her ancestral home, she finds Destro there performing an ancient ceremony. They have both been drawn there by the Baroness, who has learned the two are related. 
54 There's No Place Like Springfield (Part I) Steve Gerber December 12, 1985 #600-58
After rescuing a scientist from Cobra, Shipwreck wakes up years later in the town of Springfield. 
55 There's No Place Like Springfield (Part II) Steve Gerber December 13, 1985 #600-59
Shipwreck discover the truth about Springfield and his ideal life there. 

Season 2: 1986-1987

#TitleWriterOriginal airdateProduction code
1 Arise, Serpentor, Arise! (Part 1) Ron Friedman (teleplay), Buzz Dixon (story) September 15, 1986
After one failure too many, a plot is hatched to replace Cobra Commander! 
2 Arise, Serpentor, Arise! (Part 2) Ron Friedman (teleplay), Buzz Dixon (story)
The Joe team scrambles to discover why Cobra is raiding tombs across the globe. 
3 Arise, Serpentor, Arise! (Part 3) Ron Friedman (teleplay), Buzz Dixon (story)
The Joes discover Cobra's DNA extracting technology and Sgt. Slaughter is captured! 
4 Arise, Serpentor, Arise! (Part 4) Ron Friedman (teleplay), Buzz Dixon (story)
The G.I. Joe team rallies to stop Cobra and save Sgt. Slaughter- but are they too late? 
5 Arise, Serpentor, Arise! (Part 5) Ron Friedman (teleplay), Buzz Dixon (story)
Cobra, led by Sepentor, invades Washington, DC! Can the Joes stop them? 
6 Last Hour to Doomsday Tom Dagenais
Cobra creates a device that creates tidal waves and threatens to destroy the east coast! 
7 Computer Complications David Schwartz
Zarana infiltrates G.I. Joe in an effort by Cobra to obtain a space probe containing anti-matter. 
8 Sink the Montana! David Carren
An old friend of General Hawk's steals a US Navy battleship and gives it to Cobra! 
9 Let's Play Soldier Sharman Divono
The Joes go to Thailand to stop Cobra from acquiring tree sap with hypnotic properties. 
10 Once Upon a Joe Buzz Dixon
After inadvertently destroying an orphanage while searching for the aptly-named McGuffin Device, Shipwreck tells the orphans a tall tale. 
11 The Million Dollar Medic Gerry and Carla Conway
Lifeline has caught the attention of a lovely socialite, who might be a Cobra agent. 
12 Cobrathon Rebecca Parr, Martin Pasko
Lifeline and Sci-Fi are scheduled to be executed as part of Cobra's Telethon! 
13 The Rotten Egg Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty
It's up to Leatherneck to defend Parris Island from Cobra! 
14 Glamour Girls Beth Borstein
Low Light's sister is captured in a plot to steal the youth & beauty of the world's top models. 
15 Iceberg Goes South Mary Skrenes
Cobra is creating an army of mutants. Iceberg turns into a whale. 
16 The Spy Who Rooked Me Susan K. Williams
The Joes must team up with a British super-spy to obtain a paralysis-inducing gas. 
17 Grey Hairs and Growing Pains Flint Dille, David Marconi
Zarana encounters Mainframe again during a Cobra plot that reduces three Joes to children and three more to old men. 
18 My Brother's Keeper Buzz Dixon
Sgt. Slaughter and Sci-Fi are sent to prevent Cobra from completing a machine with a crippled scientist. 
19 My Favorite Things Doug Booth
A Joe is poisoned with Serpentor's blood while he is collecting artifacts. 
20 Raise the Flagg! David Carren
GIJoe and Cobra both are caught by a former Cobra member when attempting to recover an antimatter pod. 
21 Ninja Holiday Michael Charles Hill
Sgt. Slaughter is a victim of mistaken identity. 
22 G.I. Joe and the Golden Fleece Flint Dille, Richard Merwin
Several Joes and Cobra agents are sent back in time. 
23 The Most Dangerous Thing in the World Buzz Dixon
Three Joes are promoted in a sinister plot. 
24 Nightmare Assault Marv Wolfman
Cobra develops a machine to interfere with most of the Joe's sleep cycle's, except for one. 
25 Second Hand Emotions Gerry and Carla Conway
Cobra implants several Joes with devices during a wedding of one Joe's sister. 
26 Joe's Night Out David Schwartz
Cobra sends three Joes to space in a disguised rocket. 
27 Not a Ghost of a Chance Sharman Divono
Cobra makes an attempt to capture an experimental stealth aircraft. 
28 Sins of Our Fathers Buzz Dixon, Steve Gerber
Cobra Commander attempts to awaken a menace from underground. 
29 In the Presence of Mine Enemies Chris Weber, Karen Willson
A Joe pilot is forced to team up with a Cobra rival. 
30 Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep Buzz Dixon, Michael Charles Hill
After a rash of thefts, one Joe hunts down the culprit. 

Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles

#TitleWriterOriginal airdateProduction code
1 Old Soldiers Never Die Lloyd Goldfine Direct to Video, 1995
After fifty years of cryogenic stasis, World War II hero Sgt. Savage is awakened and joins the G.I. Joe team!