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Longslide is a member of Action Force who looks very like Footloose, well one version of him.


Action Force (British) Comics continuity

Longslide was the new "bulletstopper" for the American branch of Action Force, based at Fort Wadsworth. Upon arrival he was taken on a mission by Wild Bill to pick up equipment and he joined Flint in taking on Tomax and Xamot at a funfair.[1]


  • Longslide was a product of the need to make the reprints of US G.I. Joe material fit smoothly into Action Force continuity. The character of Footloose had been used the UK originated stories and in appearance and personality, he was distinctly different from his portrayal in the US. Consequently when Action Force #31 and #32 reprinted the first US story featuring the jittery American Footloose, relettering changed his name to "Longslide".

Footloose rarely appeared in subsequent US stories that were reprinted in the UK but when he did appear his name was not changed.


  1. Twin Brothers, UK printing only in Action Force #31 & #32.

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