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Magda is a character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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Magda the Bareback Rider was first mentioned in #68, "the Tenth Letter". Her first appearance is in issue #106, "I Lift My Lamp". Magda became a political rebel who "disappeared" after speaking out against the Borovian government. In "Apparent Conclusions" (#108), Magda is on the cover of a DC newspaper. Later, Magda assists Lady Jaye and an injured Hawk fight through Borovia (#129, "Standoff"). She also appeared in #128, "'Winds of Change". Cobra Vipers eventually re-capture Magda and her husband, The White Clown. The President of Borovia, Metz, agreed to give them a fair trial. Instead, Cobra Commander personally executed Magda and the White Clown (#145, "Threads and Resolutions").

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