Mara is a character from the A Real American Hero animated continuity.

"There are no friends in Cobra - only convenient alliances. They’re all cannon fodder when it suits Cobra Commander. I learned that the hard way."

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Formerly a trained Cobra Eel, Mara was one of the first tests of a Cobra experiement to integrate fish DNA into a human. The experiment partially succeeded, but partially failed. She grew gills, but her skin color changed to blue, and she was no longer able to breathe in the open air. Originally joined Cobra out of a 'hard luck' neighborhood, where right and wrong didn't matter, and no one was a friend. She found out that Cobra wanted more than they let on. She departed Cobra with help from G.I. Joe, during an incident where the Joes were attempting to find a stolen submarine. She has feelings for the one of the Joes, Shipwreck.


Animated continuity - Sunbow

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