McGuire Air Force Base is a United States military installation in New Jersey.


A Real American Hero comics continuity

G.I. Joe frequently utilized McGuire Air Force Base for their aircraft-related needs, since Fort Wadsworth lacked an airport.[1]

Zartan and the Dreadnoks were scouting out McGuire Air Force Base when they spotted the Dragonfly XH-1 they did battle with in the Florida Everglades. Zartan briefly infiltrated the base disguised as Hawk, where he confirmed G.I. Joe activity. He telephoned Cobra Commander with the information. Cobra Commander mistakenly assumed that McGuire Air Force Base was G.I. Joe's main base of operation and began organizing an attack. Meanwhile, the Joes at the Pit figured out the Hawk at McGuire Air Force Base was Zartan and mobilized to go defend the base. The Dreadnoks were under orders to simply watch the base, but got restless and snuck in and began trashing all the vehicles they could find. The watch tower only noticed anything was amiss when Buzzer accidentally blew up a Skystriker. They radioed G.I. Joe, who were already on the way.

Cobra Commander arrived in a convoy of Arbco Circus trucks transporting H.I.S.S. tanks and F.A.N.G. helicopters. He was surprised to find the base was already on alert until he noticed the Dreadnoks fleeing the scene. The G.I. Joes arrived and fought them off, but there was a lot of damage done, including the destruction of Ace's favorite Skystriker.[2]

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  1. McGuire Air Force Base made its first appearance in To Fail is to Conquer... To Succeed is to Die!
  2. Darkness

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