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Metal-Head is an Iron Grenadier character from the A Real American Hero series.
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Differing from many anti-tank specialists, Metal-Head is someone who rises above enthusiasm to hone his craft and his equipment. The level of glee to which he takes when he destroys enemy armor or even just maintaining his equipment has unnerved his own compatriots in the Iron Grenadier force. He has increased efficiency by making his launchers light and ultra-portable, strapped to a special backpack or hip-holstered for easy movement. Special electronics in his visors connect to his launchers enable him to merely see the target to feed coordinates for his missiles. And lastly, he doesn't need to pull his trigger finger to do the job, his weapons system is voice-activated. All he needs to do is say, "bang."


A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

A group of Joe heavy vehicle drivers found Metal-Head at Benzheen, working for Cobra. He ran away from their fire while mocking them. The joes followed Metal-Head by vehicle, but had to deal with his booby-trapped battlefield and his anti-tank missiles. Rock 'n Roll, Salvo and Dusty charged on feet and managed to make Metal-Head lose his balance, but when Dusty was face-to-face with Metal-Head, both armed, Hot Seat ordered both to cease fire, as Cobra Commander made a deal with the Emir of Benzheen to leave, and the Joes had to leave too. Both sides were disappointed. (Metal-Head (Marvel Comics issue))

Metal-Head turned out to be an undercover agent under the semi-retired Destro's orders, and told him that Cobra Commander may be planning an operation against Castle Destro. When Metal-Head reminded Destro that Cobra had already assaulted the castle once, Destro and Baroness remembered that it was actually Fred VII that time, and they repelled him, but then Metal-Head told him that this time it was the real Cobra Commander, who was crazy enough to try anything. (Destro Must Die)

Devil's Due Comics continuity

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Animated continuity - DiC

Voice actor: Garry Chalk

Due to Destro never leaving Cobra in this series, Metal Head appears here instead as another Cobra henchman. He comes off as a bit of an unhinged, dimwitted adrenaline junkie who gets off on setting off his explosives with the command of 'Bang!' His main weakness appears to be his grandmother, who is clearly disappointed with his career choice and who ends up aiding G.I. Joe instead of her grandson in her two appearances ("Granny Dearest" and "Metal Head's Reunion").


Generation 1
Metal-Head 1990 A Real American Hero (1990)

Metal-Head was originally released on a single card in the 1990 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: black hair and goatee; red and yellow goggles; red shirt with black vest, armbands, and gloves; light grey straps and belt; black pants and boots with red padding and light grey kneepads

Accessories: light grey helmet covering scalp and back of neck; small, H-shaped light grey frame backpack with attaching twin missile launcher with small radar dish; small, light grey pistol with tiny magazine and sight; two light grey missile boxes attaching to legs; six stubby, yellow missiles; two standard short, black hoses. page/Filecard

A Real American Hero (1994)
Metal-Head was a combination of original parts (head, chest, and arms) and parts from the 1990 version of Rock-Viper (waist and legs). He was part of the Battle Corps.


G.I. Joe Convention (2005)
This figure was a redeco of the 1994 version of Metal-Head. He was part of the "General Mayhem: M.A.R.S. Invades!" box set that included General Mayhem, Destro, five Iron Grenadiers, and five Iron Anvil troopers.



  • Working names included Tank-Buster, Tank-Zapper, Squash-Head Harry, Salvo and Heat-Round.
  • On the filecard of the 1994 version of Metal-Head, his Secondary Cobra Specialty was that of a Hockey Fight Analyst.

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