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The Mobile Command Center is a G.I. Joe vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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The Mobile Command Center, or MCC for short, is the mobile land base of the G.I. Joe Team.

The MCC’s appearance is that resembling a small building with near-featureless exterior with tank treads at the bottom and features electronics and communications countermeasure equipment on the top deck; It is armed with HE-27 Shockwave missiles which are guided by a missile control radar. The front of the vehicle is armed with computer-operated twin .5Ø caliber cannons while the back is protected by a Barrage Missile Cannon. The diesel engine can run at 2,ØØØkw and with 2,7ØØhp. Despite its immense size, the MCC is quite mobile and maneuverable, given the right terrain. The huge body can open up and set itself as a stationary open-air command post, complete with a control center, a prisoner holding cell and a service station for small assault vehicles.

The huge size, though, presented a problem in how it could be deployed outside of the United States. As its size and few defensive capabilities suggest, the MCC was only intended, and effective, as a mobile command post and nothing other than that. For direct action, the second-generation General Mobile Headquarters was used instead.

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Toy editions

Released in 1987, the MCC was the second large vehicle to hit shelves that year, along with the Defiant Space shuttle complex. The MCC is a large, tall, tan vehicle that can fold out in to three separate floors, with the first floor consisting of a weapons locker and garage area (in the 1987 catalog the garage is show with Sgt. Slaughters personal vehicle docked in it), the second floor is the primary command base, with a radar map, two fold out medical beds, and several computer terminals. There is also an elevator like cell that can hold a single prisoner. The third floor stores missiles and provides access to a third seat there the top mounted missile turret folds down, as well as access to an elevator and a helipad.

The vehicle is a light tan color, and this, combined with it's general size may suggest use in flat desert terrain. It has two silver cannons on either side of the front cockpit, which seats three drivers.

The vehicle included one driver; Steam Roller.


It was rereleased in 2002, more or less unchanged from it's 1987 edition, though it did not include Steam Roller.

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