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The name Neo-Viper refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Neo-Viper.

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Neo-Vipers are a class of infantry officer within Cobra.


Neo-Vipers are the next generation of infantry troopers for Cobra and consist of volunteer Viper units who are genetically altered in order for them to survive in any severe weather condition. To accomplish this feat, Cobra provided them with bio-tech engineering which works to regulate their body temperatures so that they are not bothered by extreme heat or cold. In addition to this, their reflexes are enhanced allowing them to move at lightning fast speeds in such conditions. Their unique abilities means that they are often deployed into Cobra's artic bases where they perform missions involving environmental sabotage and also work at Cobra's secret weapon factories. As they can work anywhere, they are often sent in as reliable troops who can perform basic grunt duties.

They are particularly noted as being enemies of Frostbite as they are responsible for destroying unspoilt tundra lands in order to set up bio-research laboratories.



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