A Nuclear weapon is a weapon that was invented during World War II. That one was a fission weapon, generating 20 kilotones of explosive force. Today, nuclear weapons are varied, including fusion as well as fission weapons. The largest was a 60 megaton weapon detonated by the USSR, which blew a hole in the atmosphere, produced a powerful shockwave that travelled the planet three times. A small one can destroy a small city, such as Springfield, while a large one could destroy a medium sized nation in a single blast. These are in secured military installations, including the GI-Joe Headquarters. One, a Hydrogen bomb, was allegedly used to destroy Cobra Island after the terrorist organization attacked the US. They are considered the "ultimate" in military power. They generate immense heat (1,000,000,000+ temperatures), radiation, and massive explosive force.

During World War II, both Nagasaki, Japan and Hiroshima, Japan were bombed with these weapons. One was a "gun type" weapon, while the other was a type that required the implosion of the fissile core to function. Even today, the "critical size", "critical mass" is still classified by all military forces that have nuclear weapons.

A new type of bomb is not a nuke, but uses radioactive elements in its design. It has a explosive core, radioactive substances surrounding it, so that when detonated, it will render a area unusable for a long time, due to the radioactivity.

When the Broadcast Energy Transmitter finally detonated after it overloaded, it looked like a nuclear weapon had indeed detonated inside Cobra-La, producing a gigantic mushroom cloud characteristic of a nuclear detonation.

Weapon types

  • Fission
  • Fusion
  • Fission-Fusion-Fission
  • Radiation
  • Neutron
  • EMP weapons
  • "Dirty Bomb"


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