Operation: Terror Trap is the third book in the Find Your Fate G.I. Joe series.


You are a new member of the GI Joe Team. Your code name is "Dog Ear". The mission will begin as Hawk gives a briefing: the world has been surprised that a country in East Africa called Mombania was invaded and made quick work of. Most of Mombania has been carved up and now called Kamali, under command of a mysterious leader known as "The One", whom GI Joe learned was actually Parker Shaw, an American real estate mogul who felt the U.S. real estate market saturated and sought to make a country of his own. Hawk is concerned that within one month virtually all of Mombania has been taken over and a castle built for The One. While the Soviets may have backed him, Hawk dismisses it as they do not like to see servants of socialism living in royal splendor. More accurately, the likely power behind The One is COBRA!

As Dog Ear, you can start your mission in two main points: immediately travel to Kamali with Lady Jaye, Gung-ho, Dusty and Duke, or remain in the U.S. to see about COBRA's involvement, along with Quick Kick.


  • Author: G.V. Macrae
  • Cover Art: Carl Cassler
  • Interior Art: David Henderson
  • Published: November 1985

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