Cobra kidnaps people with psionic abilities to use a living weapons - including Airborne's kid brother!!

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Memorable quotes

  • "You'd deny a dying man his last request?!?"
--Airborne, after Destro questions why he wants to know the fate of his brother Tommy.

"Whatever you say, pal!"

--Stalker, certain that Flash is nuts when talking about the Hawaiian psionic and her powers.

Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • The Cobra Officer that captures Flash and Airborne on the beach has a red Cobra emblem on his chest instead of the correct silver emblem.
  • At different shots on Easter Island, Airborne is shown with blonde hair, or with a green uniform.
  • While fighting the Mo'ai, Airborne's rifle changes from a standard Joe-style laser rifle to one more synonymous with Cobra Troopers, then back again.
  • Bad animation shows one of the Mo'ai kicking a large monolith head at Airborne, seemingly flattening the Joe.
  • As he jumps clear of his Polar Battle Bear, Blowtorch's uniform is colored like Ace.

Continuity errors

  • One of the scientists effortlessly kicks a table at Storm Shadow; as if that's not preposterous enough, the ninja easily slices the table in half with his sword.
  • Even strengthened by the psi-amplifier, how would Tommy's telekinesis allow him to create giant stone statues?
  • After bringing the Mo'ai to life to finish off Airborne and Flash, Cobra Commander and Destro fly overhead, temporarily distracting the stone giants. Instead of taking the opportunity to run or hide, the two Joes instead start (stupidly) shooting at the giants.
  • Is lashing the Hawaiian kidnap victim to a F.A.N.G.'s landing skids really the best way to transport her to Easter Island?

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Duke and Airborne parachute onto Cobra's K12 temple, implying that they simply abandoned their Skystriker and let it crash.
  • Airborne's brother Tommy is the one who gave him his code name, after Airborne was made an airman in the Army.

Real-world references

  • Cobra blows up their base on Easter Island, a Polynesian island famous for its stone monoliths - or Mo'ai - which are used against the Joes in this episode.
  • Lady Jaye crashes her Sky Hawk into the Washington Monument, which is located in Washington, D.C.
  • Cobra's second base used in this episode is atop K12, in the Saltoro Mountains of Pakistan. It is not technically part of the Himalayas, as mentioned in the dialog of the episode, but is often referred as being Himalayan-inclusive.


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