The Order of Battle's coverage of the G.I. Joe Team continues.

Issue summary

Featured Characters

G.I. Joe Others

Items of note

  • Paul Becton is credited as the colorist. The previous issue contained no credit to the colorist and is likely the same colorist.
  • Barbara Johnston is credited as designer.
  • Rock 'n Roll's page contains more information than was found in his original filecard. There is some slight rewording on his history profile while the original excerpt is gone. In its place are excerpts from a "Col. D. O'Neil" and a "John Doe".
  • Sgt. Slaughter's page uses the content from his 1985 filecard, the one that came with his mail-in action figure.
  • Slip-Stream's function as Conquest X-30 pilot is added with the words "Cyclone X26A, R.E.C.A.P. Radical Electronically Controlled Attack Plane".
  • Snake-Eyes's page uses content from his 1985 filecard.
  • Steeler's profile differs from his filecard in several ways. His security number is different as is his rank which demoted him from his filecard's O-1 rank to E-5. There are also rewordings in his profile history. The original excerpt is replaced by excerpts from a "Maj. A. Milgrom" and "Col. Clayton M. Abernathy".
  • Taurus's real name is listed as "Mustafa Karagoz" and his birthplace is listed as Ankara, Turkey.
  • Tollbooth is spelled as Toll-Booth. His name does not put the "for nothing" words in parenthesis. His security number is also missing and there are some altered rewordings in his profile history.
  • Tunnel Rat's security number is missing.
  • There is a In Memoriam section featuring Candy, Kwinn and the Soft Master. There are no profiles attached to these characters.
  • Candy is identified as Bongo the Balloon Bear.


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