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You call this a report??!!!

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The Origin of Zartan, Part 3: The origin of the killer chameleon of Cobra concludes! Zartan is on the run from Cobra in the back alleys of a European metropolis. They must capture the elusive agent before he escapes forever. But Zartan has no intentions of letting Cobra off that easy. This three-part arc comes to its bloody conclusion.

—The description as originally solicited by IDW Publishing.

Detailed summary

  • Synopsis not yet written.


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Cobra Civilians
  • Policeman (7)

Memorable quotes

"So, you trust me that much, Commander?"
"I trust no one. But I have no fear of you."
"Of all the faces in the world - mine alone is unknown to you."

--Zartan and Cobra Commander reach an agreement.

Other notes


  • On page 8, one panel is shown as a reflection in Anton's glasses, but the signs in the background still read forward.

Items of note

  • Deaths: Dr. Taggac, Bryson, policeman
  • Zartan will be allowed to head his own unit within Cobra - Dreadnoks, anyone?

Real-world references

G.I. Joe references

  • The outfit Zartan wears at the end, a brown jacket with a brick red hood, is a reference to his fashion choices in the RAH continuity.

Footnotes and References

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