The pre-fab fortress is equipment for G.I. Joe Team from the A Real American Hero series.

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Specifics: The fortress

The pre-fab fortress is a defensive fortress that comes in part that can be assembled by G.I. Joe Team when necessary.


Comics continuity

Cobra Commander's plan was to inject Scar-Face with a time-delayed plague toxin and allow him to be captured by G.I. Joe. When G.I. Joe returned him to their headquarters, the toxin would activate and infect everyone there. The quarantine procedures would reveal the location of G.I. Joe's headquarters to Cobra so they could attack and destroy it.[citation needed]

Scar-Face found out about the plan and stole the antidote. When he was captured by G.I. Joe he told them about it and gave them the antidote. Hawk, in consultation with General Flagg took the opportunity to set a plan of their own into action. Hawk had the Joes quickly assemble a pre-fab fortress on the first level of The Pit on hydraulic lifts directly under the motor pool of the Chaplain's Assistant School at Fort Wadsworth. They then faked a quarantine with booby-trapped ambulances. When Cobra attacked, the lifted the pre-fab fortress using the hydraulic lifts. Cobra took heavy losses in the attack, but did manage to destroy the pre-fab fortress, but left them unaware that the real location of G.I. Joe headquarters was still farther underground.[1]

Later, after the Joes managed to capture Cobra Commander, they knew they had to take extreme security precautions to keep Cobra from rescuing him. They took him to an isolated park high in the American Rockies and assembled a pre-fab fortress for defense. Cobra Commander himself was force to help construct it. When it was completed, Cobra Commander ridiculed the idea of static fortifications as obsolete in modern warfare. Duke assured him that only infantry could reach the isolated location, the fortress would hold up just fine. Soon after, Storm Shadow was able to rescue Cobra Commander in a C.L.A.W. without much difficulty.[2]


  • The pre-fab fortress was based on the 1983 Headquarters Command Center playset. For more information on that, see G.I. Joe Headquarters.


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