Razorclaw, Headstrong, Divebomb, Rampage and Tantrum.

The Predacons are a team amongst the evil Decepticons. They are led by Razorclaw and composed of Divebomb, Headstrong, Rampage and Tantrum. They can combine to form the giant robot Predaking.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs Transformers continuity

Divebomb was among Shockwave's troops as they waited patiently for Ultra Magnus's force field around Teletran 3 to dissipate. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II #2

Following the defeat of Shockwave, the Predacons were forced to live in the Gladiator Zone, where they created their own territory and were none too pleased with Nautilator intruding on it. When the Seacon joined with his comrades to form Piranacon, the Predacons formed Predaking and fought him. Predaking came out on top, but before he could finish the Seacons off, he was stopped by Serpent O.R., who told both subgroups that he was the offspring of Megatron. The Art of War #2

Joining Serpent O.R.'s new Decepticon army, the Predacons helped capture a group of Autobots and G.I. Joes and argued with the Terrorcons during a meeting. As Predaking, they later attacked an Autobot peace ceremony and took out Omega Supreme. The Art of War #3 He spent the rest of the battle hunting down innocent civilians before returning to the Decepticon headquarters, where Divebomb and Rampage failed to notice that their former prisoners were sneaking up on them. Meanwhile, Tantrum and Headstrong were among the Decepticons preparing to defend their base from a major Autobot/G.I. Joe assault. The Art of War #4 Alongside several other subgroup leaders, Razorclaw protected Serpent O.R. from a furious Optimus Prime, but was killed when Cobra Commander took control of Serpent O.R.'s body. The Art of War #5

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