A Psychic Motivator is a thing that looks like a alien spider, chirps and was used by the ruler of Cobra-La, Golobulus to implant the skills, knowledge and even the idea to create a entity called Serpentor into Dr. Mindbender, because of Cobra Commander's repeated failures and general incompetence and "stupidity". It, like a spider, bit the doctor at the base of the skull, where the brain joins the spinal column, implanting the necessary information into the doctor. The creature "died(Self-destructed)" after it had implanted the information it was carrying. A second Psychic Motivator was revealed in the animated movie GI-Joe:The Movie.

The thing functions as a device to transfer information, orders, etc. to others, like a computer disc drive/DVD/ USB device does for computers, only it serves to program a person's brain, as it had done to Dr.Mindbender.


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