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"Raise the Flagg!"

David Bennett Carren

Production company

Sunbow Productions



Original airdate

October 20, 1986

General information

A Real American Hero animated continuity


A Real American Hero (Sunbow TV series)

Preceded by

My Favorite Things

Followed by

Ninja Holiday

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The Joes stumble upon an oil platform being used by Cobra to try to salvage the anti-matter pod that went down with the USS Flagg and the Cobra helicarrier. (which were sunk in the episode Computer Complications) It's learned that they are resting on a ledge, in range for divers to reach. So a team of Joes are sent to explore the wreckage, with Zartan and his siblings are on their tails. Both groups are captured by an insane Cobra cook named LaCar, and who's maintaining an underwater city in the wreckage. Cobra attacks the oil platform. Depth charges rock the wrecks from the ledge and knock some sense into LaCar. The Joes & Cobra trapped inside team up to use the anti-matter pod to raise the Flagg and the helicarrier.

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G.I. Joe Cobra Others

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G.I. Joe Cobra

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Continuity errors

  • After COBRA drops depth-charges on the Flagg, and Zarana gets trapped, Wet-Suit helps her from the rubble. She observes that she never thought a Joe would help her... apparently she must have hit her head and contracted amnesia, how else could she have forgotten all about her Joe love-interest Mainframe?
  • How is the Cobra Helicarrier supposed to lift an aircraft carrier that's at least 5 times larger than the helicarrier?
  • The Flagg sinks in "There's No Place Like Springfield ", yet is somehow able to maintain buoyancy on its own once it reaches the surface.

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