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The Roboskull is an advanced aerospace superiority fighter created by Red Shadows engineers to dominate space. The aerospace craft has a single pilot cockpit together with a rear-gunner site and an escape chute. It also features brainwashing equipment and wing-tip mounted searchlights.[1]



Action Force

The Roboskull was heavily armoured and featured in numerous Battle Action Force storylines as a formidable weapon in the Red Shadows arsenal.[2][3]

The Roboskull was one of the few Palitoy Red Shadows creations that survived the transition to Cobra and continued to feature (still piloted by Red Wolf, but in Wild Weasel-like attires) in comic storylines fighting AF alongside both Cobra and Red Shadow units.[3]


The Roboskull was a aircraft-cum-spacecraft designed exclusively by Palitoy as representative of the Red Shadows aerial threat. Piloted by the Red Wolf character, it was a loose variation of the Star Wars TIE Fighter design built around a human skull.[4] Its wings rotated ostensibly to allow the craft vertical-take-off-and-landing (or VTOL) capability.


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