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Scalpel was first seen as part of Cobra during a brieing by Destro in preparation to defeat the Coil and rescue Cobra Commander. (The Last Stand (part 3))

During the conflict, Scalpel tended the injured Metal-Head in the battlefield, and later Baroness and Destro in the escape helicopter. (The Last Stand (part 4))

Scalpel reported to Destro and Alexander McCullen the test results of Mistress Armada's exposure to the Brainwave Scanner, confirming it was limited to interrogation, not brainwashing. (Paradigm Shift)

Scalpel and Baroness found the Dreadnoks eavesdropping on Cobra Commander and Zartan. Scalpel ordered them to tell what had they heard, so Ripper told that Zartan was talking about leaving Cobra. After Zartan and the Dreadnoks left, Scalpel mentioned to the Commander that he had read Zartan's medical file, and asked if the reports about his DNA alterations were true, which made a wonder that he's still alive. The Commander (actually Zartan) assured to Scalpel that Zartan is harder to kill than that. (Players and Pawns (part 4))

Scalpel ran some medical tests on Baroness (Bad Moon Rising (part 1)) and after double-checking the results, had her in a sealed medi-lab for her protection. Then he interrupted a meeting between Destro and Alexander to inform that Baroness was expecting Destro's child. (Bad Moon Rising (part 2))

Due to Baroness' precarious state, Scalpel was charged with administering close care to her, while Wraith worked as security. (Union of the Snake (part 1))

When Cobra Commander returns, Scalpel sides with him and watches when the Commander blows up the plane carrying Baroness and Wraith. (Union of the Snake (part 4))

The Joes later find Scalpel at a Cobra medical facility in Hawaii. He uses a gun and his namesake surgical tool against them, but is defeated and his patients are taken into custody. (Special Missions: Antarctica)

Scalpel got a job in Brooklyn as plastic surgeon for a criminal family, but was found by a very much alive Baroness, who knocked him out with a tray, tied him and interrogated him about the whereabouts of her child, while cutting his face. Scarlett, Spirit and Snake-Eyes found the disfigured Scalpel, who begged them to stop Baroness' rampage against both Joes and Cobra. (Sins of the Mother (part 1))

Scalpel was part of the escapees list after Tomax's raid of the Coffin. (Tribulation)

Scalpel was, among others, witness of the decisive fight between Snake-Eyes and Firefly (Hell)

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Scalpel was released in 2003 in a 2-pack with Sgt. Hacker for the first wave of the Spy Troops toyline. page/Filecard


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