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The name Scarlett refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Scarlett.
Scarlett is a G.I. Joe character in the Resolute series.
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A brilliant mind, outstanding martial arts skills, and lethal accuracy with her trademark crossbow - that's Scarlett. The G.I. Joe Team's counter-intelligence expert has the cerebral savvy to get inside the mind of her enemies and design a plot that'll outsmart them at their own game. She's also got the combat skills to take on a squad of Cobra troopers and be the sole person left standing when the fighting's over. She can make a HALO dive into hostile territory in the dead of night, then enter a heavily guarded Cobra missile silo and take it over as one-half of a two-person unit, and not even break a sweat. That's skill. That's training. That's Scarlett.



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Animated Continuity

Scarlett went to Washington, DC, to confirm the death of Major Bludd (Resolute). Back on the Flagg, she found Bazooka's body.[1]

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Say, you look familiar...

This character doesn't have much of an established backstory. Unless contradicted by a canon source, you can assume their history mostly mirrors Scarlett (RAH)'s.


Scarlett Resolute 2010 G.I. Joe Battle Set (2010)

In 2010, a box set was released featuring Snake-Eyes, Beachhead, Duke, Flint, Scarlett, Roadblock and Stalker.

Appearance: red hair; blue bodysuit; yellow chest armor; gray shoulder pads; green pouches on waist; yellow gloves; grey straps on legs; grey kneepads; yellow boots

Accessories: two-piece black and gray crossbow, a gray sniper rifle, a black pistol. page/Filecard

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