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The ninja leader known as Sei Tin is undeniably a dangerous man. Very few have seen him, and even less were lucky enough to be able to describe him.


Comics continuity

Devil's Due Comics continuity

The first time Sei Tin met the G.I. Joe team was when he became leader of the Red Ninjas. To prevent future problems with the clan, Snake-Eyes requested that T'Jbang infiltrate their ranks, and monitor their activities from within. When the Red Ninja clan was approached by Cobra Commander, who was offered sanctuary by Sei Tin, T'Jbang contacted Snake-Eyes for help. Upon facing Sei Tin in battle, Snake-Eyes defeated him by breaking his spine, paralyzing him. The Red Ninja leadership was passed to the victor, Snake-Eyes Paradigm Shift, who appointed T'Jbang as his surrogate while he returned with the G.I. Joe team.

However, it wasn't the end of Sei Tin. After being given cybernetic enhancements by Cobra that cured his paralysis, Sei Tin managed to defeat T'Jbang, wrestling control of the ninjas once more. He then mounted an aggressive campaign of revenge against Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, torturing and brainwashing Junko Akita (Storm Shadow's apprentice and lover) with the help of Slice and Dice, which eventually resulted in Junko's death. During the course of this battle, the remaining Red Ninjas rebelled against Sei Tin, choosing to remain loyal to Snake-Eyes; they shot Sei Tin with nearly a dozen arrows, ending his campaign. Master & Apprentice 2


Generation 1

Satan, the figure that inspired the character Sei Tin, is a Storm Shadow redeco that was available carded in Argentina by the Plastirama toy company. The release date is hard to pin down - some reports have it around 1985, others have it around 1989.

Appearance: red face mask, short-sleeved tunic, wrist wraps, pants, and boots; black diagonal strap; white Cobra insignia on left chest

Accessories: brown quiver backpack with engraved arrows; brown bow page/filecard



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