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This article is about Destro's right-hand man - for information on the rank, see Category:Characters with a Sergeant Major (E-9) rank.

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Sergeant Major Duncan was released bagged alongside a Darklon figure. His filecard makes clear that he's the same character as Destro's Sergeant Major from the Marvel comics.

Appearance: Red beret; black longcoat with red trims and a red "Iron Grenadiers" armband; black pants and footwear.



  • Sergeant Major is not a rank in the British Army and Royal Marines: it is used in the title of various appointments held by Warrant Officers. In particular, the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) (WO1) is the senior warrant officer in a battalion or regiment. The Company Sergeant Major (CSM) (WO2) is the senior warrant officer of a company.

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