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The Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles franchise began in late 1994 and is somewhat of a followup to A Real American Hero. Its fiction appears to be set in the same universe, as there are several returning characters such as General Hawk, Lady Jaye, Doc and Cobra Commander, all seen in the single animated episode.

The Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles franchise featured the following primary components:

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Sgt. Savage

Information taken from Savage's file card, included with the basic figure:

File Name: Savage, Robert S.
Primary MOS: Infantry Commander
Secondary MOS: Commando / Heavy Weapons

A hard charger from the so-called "greatest generation" Robert Savage joined up in the waning days of 1942, ready to fight the good fight. A survivor of Omaha Beach and an infantry commander renowned for his skill, Savage was listed KIA after a German science facility he and his squad attacked exploded. In 1995 a documentary crew doing a special on the "super-science" of the Third Reich stumbled upon the cryogenically preserved body of Savage. After being restored, and acclimated to the changes time had brought, Savage was remanded to the custody of the G.I. Joe team for observation. Within a year however, Savage left the team, his "Screaming Eagles" in tow, and now operates as second-in-command of Special Counter-Terrorism Unit Delta.

The Screaming Eagles

A team made of six well seasoned specialists on every technology and military field:

  • D-Day: A former "golden gloves" champion, he is the heavy weapons specialist.
  • Dynamite: Argentinian, he has a degree on science, he is the demolitions expert.
  • Grill: Mechanic genius, creator of all the Eagle's arsenal and vehicles.
  • Head Banger: A "Heavy rocker" with a knack for communications systems.
  • Mouse: A mountain of a man, and the team's head hacker.
  • Tank: Maybe the less developed character. Nevertheless, he is the vehicles head honcho.

The I.R.O.N. Army

The "International Robotic Operations Network", a shadowy cabal of elite enemy cyber-soldiers from WWII:

  • General Blitz: Garrison Krieger, a WWII American lieutenant, who really is a master geneticist and robotics genius working for the enemy.
  • I.R.O.N. Troopers: A veritable army of cyber Behemoths created by Krieger back in the WWII as a "new master race" for world domination.
  • Anvils: I.R.O.N. Army master vehicle operators, artillery experts and apparently, the only non-cyborg enemies.

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