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Sgtsavage video title

Title screen

Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles was a single 22 minute cartoon produced by Sunbow and animated by AKOM. It was designed to promote the short-lived Sgt. Savage toyline and a video tape of the episode was included with select figures. The episode title given in the cartoon is "Old Heroes Never Die".

Detailed synopsis

Sgtsavage titlecard

Episode title card

The first and only episode of Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles to be released begins with an old "Movie Tone News Reel." It details the story of how Sgt. Robert Steven Savage, a tough, imposing and decorated soldier in European theater during WWII, is 'killed' along with his entire company in a failed raid on a German scientific facility. Later, when the facility is discovered, it turns out that Savage survived. The hero's frozen body is discovered, and is given to the Joes for further research. A robotic trooper invades the base, and Sgt. Savage awakens in the nick of time to rescue the Joes.

According to Savage, the raid where all his company died was spoiled by a traitor amongst them. Later, a scientist called Dr. Garret Stromm announces to the Joes that a new super advanced space plataform is about to be deployed. Savage identifies the scientist as Krieger, the traitor himself. Savage knows also that during WWII he was Krieger's guinea pig for certain experiments and now he possesses abilities such as increased reflexes and super strength. These new found "powers", as well as his whole physical condition, wanes from time to time. Savage is then introduced to his new team, a squad of six experts in different scientific fields, all well seasoned sergeants, but unable to follow direct orders. After a brief skirmish, Savage takes control of them, now calling themselves the "Screaming Eagles".

Krieger is later seen communicating to Cobra Commander that the ties between their two organizations no longer bind and if he seeks to interfere with his plans, he will destroy his organization as easily as he helped create it. At the same time, the Eagles are checking the invading robot's remains, and they realize that the space platform Krieger, who now calls himself "General Blitz," helped to build is really a "Doomsday device" meant to control every computer system on the planet, so Savage and his Screaming Eagles go forth to stop Blitz, his plans, and his new, completely robotic I.R.O.N. Army.


Written by: Lloyd Goldfine

Featured Characters

G.I. Joe Screaming Eagles I.R.O.N. Army Cobra

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

Screaming Eagles I.R.O.N. Army
  • Grizzly SS-1
  • P-40 Warhawk

Notable quotes

  • "Old soldiers never die, just fade away"

Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

Continutity errors

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode was released only on VHS cassette and was packaged with Commando Sgt. Savage.
  • The VHS cassette is labeled "Old Soldiers Never Die" but the title shown in-program is "Old Heroes Never Die."
  • Strange enough, Savage is seen using a GE M134 "minigun" during his WWII scenes, which is anachronistic as the minigun wasn't developed until the 1960s.


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