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Shary Wingfield is a character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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Once, she was just any woman from the street. Shary is taken in by Vance Wingfield's rhetorics about the actions of the United States government. She becomes Vance's other half and has taken a place in his organization, Strike First, as one of his most trusted aides.


A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

While her husband Vance is willing to take extreme measures in the training of Strike First recruits, Shary is his opposite, showing concern for their welfare. However, she could never take action because of Vance's dominant personality. Even when he has put in motion a plan to instigate World War III, Shary would still not take action. The G.I. Joe Team is able to put a stop to his mad plan. He activates a remote timer on another bomb in their camp and Shary realizes just how truly insane her husband has become. Before he can shoot one of the recruits' wives for insubordination, she shoots him in the back and then direct the Joes to the location of the bomb.[1]

Devil's Due Comics continuity


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