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Duke is on vacation on the island of Guam, when he is interrupted with a message from Hi-Tech. A submarine with several scientists has gone missing, and Duke needs to go investigate.

After dropping into the area, Duke discovers that Cobra has set up some kind of base that has lots of BATS and Cobra attack subs surrounding it. This base is actually a mining facility mining power stones which are a very dense form of energy. The missing scientists are being held inside of the base by Destro.

Duke is discovered as he spies on the base. Destro sends several BATS after Duke, but he changes his mind and calls off the BATS. The next thing Duke knows is that he is being attacked by radio controlled sharks controlled by Destro. Duke is able to escape into the Cobra base where he accesses the drill control room. He shuts down one of the drills, causing the facility to have to be evacuated.

As Destro is about to escape Duke catches up with him outside the base. A hand to hand underwater fight between the two them gives Duke the opportunity to turn the tables on Destro. Duke, while in the Cobra base, was able to recover the remote control for the sharks, and he now sends them to attack Destro as he and the scientists escape.

A few hours later Destro walks out of the water, alive but beaten.


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