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To compliment the surging 8-inch line of Sigma 6 action figures and vehicles, Hasbro introduced an all-new line of 2 ½ inch Mission scale action figures. Each set of action figures is packaged as a "mission in a box," and includes a Mission Manual.


Action sets

Mission sets

Deluxe sets

  • Arctic V.A.M.P.. Includes Duke and Long Range (both in arctic costumes).
  • Dragonhawk. Includes Lt.Stone, Snake-Eyes, the Ninja Lightning Cycle and a drop cage.
  • Firebat. Can deploy a drone unit. Includes Cobra Pilot and Sky B.A.T.
  • H.I.S.S. Tank. Includes Cobra Commander and Cobra Trooper.
  • Iron Hammer. Includes Hi-Tech and Snake-Eyes (Ninja Armor).
  • Night Ops V.A.M.P.. Includes Long Range and Snake-Eyes.
  • R.O.C.C.. Repackaged Direct to Consumer R.O.C.C.. Includes Long Range (same figure from the Night Ops V.A.M.P.).

Tube 3-packs

  • Duke, Long Range, Ninja B.A.T.
  • Duke, Snake-Eyes, Tunnel Rat.
  • Heavy Duty, Sky B.A.T., Snake-Eyes.


Action sets

  • Arctic Blast:
  • Dark Water:
  • Liquid Venom:
  • Ninja Trials:

Mission sets

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