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Sky Creeper is a Cobra character from the A Real American Hero series.
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A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due

Blackout and Guillotine led an assault on a Lincoln, Nebraska hospital, with orders to leave no witnesses. Even though they were surprised to be receiving orders from an Eel, the members of the squad - Munitia, Sky Creeper, Interrogator, Rip-It and Aleph - quickly fell in line. Their mission was to kidnap a baby, which Sky Creeper and Rip-It questioned.

Back at Cobra Headquarters, Cobra Commander asked whether the situation had been sufficiently resolved: the two that questioned his orders had been killed on the return flight. Cobra Commander was pleased - with the addition of the three members that passed the test, the Plague was ready for activation.[1]

Animated continuity - DIC series


Generation 1
Sky Creeper 1991 A Real American Hero (1991)

Sky Creeper was available in the 1991 series of A Real American Hero toys. Despite coming with a vehicle, the figure was carded, as the Air Commando gliders were sold that way.

Appearance: yellow helmet and goggles; blue-green shirt with yellow straps and gloves; black pants with yellow belt and leggings; black boots

Accessories: long-barreled, light blue pistol with scope and distinct trigger but no trigger guard; purple and red hang glider. page/Filecard


  • Working names included Nightwing and Sky Skull.

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