Skydive is a Transformer from the planet Cybertron. He is a member of the Aerialbots, a team amongst the Autobots.


Marvel Comics continuity

The Aerialbots, including Skydive, were sent by Optimus Prime as Back-up for Bumblebee. They arrived just in time to see Bumblebee being blown away by the G.I. Joe team guarding Power Station Alpha. Assuming their Superion form, the Aerialbots attempted to threaten the humans into allowing them to retrieve Bumblebee's body. Blood on the Tracks An intense but one-sided conflict raged between Superion and the Joes until he received a signal from Blaster, conveying the horrific news that Optimus Prime had died in battle while the Aerialbots were on their mission. Superion immediately disengaged and returned to the Ark. Power Struggle

Some time later, Skydive was sent to Earth with a group of Autobots under Hot Spot's command to deal with the re-emergence of Megatron. The Decepticon's new abilities and Cobra allies proved a considerable challenge, though. After half their number were killed and their transport destroyed, Skydive volunteered for a strategic play to get inside the enemy-controlled Ark. Shutting off his systems on a time-delay to appear as lifeless machinery to the sensors Megatron had set up in the ship, he was smuggled aboard the Ark by the Joes Spirit and Storm Shadow disguised as Alley Vipers. Final Transformations Once inside, he received some surprise help from Spike Witwicky, who had returned just in time to reconnect with his Headmaster partner, Fortress Maximus. With Fortress Maximus sacrificing his life to distract Megatron and destroy the Ark, Skydive got to safety with Dr. Sidney Biggles-Jones, the human scientist Megatron had taken prisoner. All or Nothing!

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