The name or term Snow Job refers to more than one character or object. For a list of other uses, see Snow Job.

Snow Job is a G.I. Joe character from the IDW continuity.
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Snow Job may spend a lot of time in deep, frigid isolation, but he uses his time wisely: honing the skills that make him one of the Joe team's best marksmen.


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Despite international treaties forbidding any country from having a military presence on Antarctica, Snow Job spent quite a deal of time stationed at the South Pole. He spent his time practicing his shooting skills, on at least one occasion shooting the motor of a poachers' small boat from 1000 meters.

When Ace came to bring him back to The Pit for his marksmanship certification, Snow Job was looking forward to some time in the sun. Mid-flight, however, he was re-routed to Venezuela, where he was charged with protecting the country's president from assassination. The president was none too happy to have an American soldier in such a delicate position, but Snow Job proved himself when the assassins struck.[1]


  • There have been no toys specifically identified as the IDW incarnation of the character. However, since his costume is mostly unchanged, any of the RAH toys could work.


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