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Snow Wolf is a Cobra character from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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Dr. Mindbender fused the DNA of COBRA Vipers with that of an Arctic Wolf, to change them into Snow Wolf troopers. To augment the COBRA forces with these feral, powerful, hybridized creatures, they are screened for optimum strength, endurance, and agression, then subjected to a grueling and dangerous training program. These unpredictable hybrids travel in packs. They can traverse the most icy terrain during blizzard-like conditions without the aid of skis, snow-shoes, or ice picks.

Snow Wolf troops can cover fifty miles carrying a hundred pound pack, hit over 95% of pop-up targets on the combat range and then swim a hundred meters in freezing water while carrying fifty pounds of ammunition. They are expected to operate in conditions in which less hardened troops would simply hunker down and wait for a break in the weather. On the downside, they despise fire and tend to get listless and complacent in warm weather.


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