The name Spirit refers to several versions of the same character.
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Spirit is a G.I. Joe character from the and Sigma 6 series. He is sometimes referred to as Spirit Iron-Knife.
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Native American mysticism has found its way into G.I. Joe. Spirit does not use the latest in tracking technology. You won't see him holding a device that traces its quarry via a homing beacon which you'll have to attach to the target in the first place. No, instead, he does it the old fashioned way his people used to do. He checks for any disturbed dirt, he smells anything unusual in the air and his ears are sharp enough to detect even minor rustle movements. More than that, though, is that he just seems to have an uncanny ability to sense hidden enemy.



Spirit goes to Sagebrush, New Mexico to see his family and meets his cousin, Jason Iron-Knife, who wants to be called just "J-dogg" and wants nothing to do with his navajo heritage. Somebody steals the sacred Klesh Staff and, since klesh means snake, Spirit suspects Cobra. Spirit notices the most recent tire tracks are at least an hour old, and there are no fresh footprints leaving, so whoever stole the staff is still in town. Nobody in the tribe would take the staff, meaning that who took it is an imposter, so Spirit tells everyone a word in english to be translated into navajo. When one man fails to translate "weasel", he reveals to be Zartan and leaves with the Klesh Staff in a buggy. Spirit reaches him using his Sigma suit. Zartan gets the upper hand in the fight, but when he's about to kill Spirit, but J-dogg hits Zartan with his motorcycle. Spirit and Zartan fight again until a sandstorm blinds Zartan and allows Spirit to use a shock arrow against him. The staff is recovered and J-dogg decides he prefers to be called Jason.

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  • Even though Spirit's file name isn't mentioned in the TV series, the comic confirms his name as Charlie Iron-Knife, just like the ARAH version of the character.

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