This article is about the location of Cobra's plague toxin testing facility - for the location of Cobra Headquarters, see Springfield.

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Springfield is a small town in Vermont. It is the home of the Arbco Furniture Company, a secret Cobra facility they used for testing their plague toxin.


A Real American Hero comics continuity

At Cobra Headquarters underneath Springfield, Destro was aware that Cobra Commander was planning on visiting Cobra's plague toxin testing facility in Springfield, Vermont. Thinking Cobra Commander was travelling alone, he arranged for G.I. Joe to discover the location in hopes that the Joes would capture Cobra Commander so he could assume leadership of Cobra. When Destro learned from Scar-Face that the Baroness was the pilot of the rocket plane the commander would be riding in, he immediately rushed to Springfield, Vermont with a squad of troopers to protect her.

The reason for Cobra Commander's visit was to set his plague toxin scheme in motion. The plan involved injecting a trooper with a time-delayed form of the plague toxin and arrange for the trooper to be captured by G.I. Joe and taken back to their headquarters. Instead the subject immediately died since Dr. Venom had withheld a key ingredient. The Joes then arrived in an A.P.C., but Destro was able to hold them off. Hawk saw a missile silo opening up at the Arbco Furniture Company. Assuming it was for a ballistic missile, he ordered Ace to take it out. Instead it was for the rocket plane carrying the Baroness and Cobra Commander to safety. The Arbco Furniture Company, however, was obliterated.[1]



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