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The Stun is a Cobra vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
Cobra banner



  • 2x twin-barrel "Blazer" 3.5 inch, high explosive rocket launchers with 400 drum-fired rounds each*
  • 1x "round-off" 9mm machine gun with circular ammunition drum

Crew Capacity: 4 man crew

Weight (fully loaded): 4.2 tons

Speed (fully loaded): 75 mph road; 44 mph cross-country

Range (fully loaded): 340 miles


Comics continuity

    Write up

Animated continuity

    Write up


Toy editions

A Real American Hero (1986)

The Stun was among the smaller assortment of vehicles with a packaged action figure. It came with a Motor Viper action figure. page/Blueprint

Python Patrol (1989)

The same mold is re-used for the Stun sold as part of the Python Patrol subline. However, this time, it did not come with a bundled action figure. page/Blueprint

External links

    Write up


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