Drag Strip, Wildrider, Breakdown and Dead End.

The Stunticons are a team amongst the evil Decepticons. They are led by Motormaster and composed of Breakdown, Dead End, Drag Strip and Wildrider. They can combine to form the giant robot Menasor.


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs Transformers continuity

When Teletran 3 went out of control and started zapping random Transformers into different points in Earth's timeline, the Stunticons found themselves laying dormant in mid-1930's Chicago... except Breakdown, who kept his consciousness and waited for the joint G.I. Joe and Cobra forces sent to retrieve the lost Decepticons. While Motormaster was missing, Breakdown woke three of his comrades and the Stunticons chased the humans and Optimus Prime across the city. Eventually they found Motormaster, and were promptly transported back to present-day Cybertron. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II #2

Some time later, the Stunticons were recruited by Serpent O.R., and helped him capture some pesky Autobots and G.I. Joes. Motormaster later attended a Decepticon gathering organized by their new leader, and attacked an Autobot peace ceremony in the form of Menasor. The Art of War #3 After the giant helped Piranacon and Predaking take down Omega Supreme, he brought Reflector to Optimus Prime. A short while later, Drag Strip was seen among the Decepticon forces preparing to defend their base from a combined Autobot/G.I. Joe assault, while Breakdown completely failed to guard some human prisoners. The Art of War #4 Motormaster helped defend Serpent O.R. from Optimus Prime's fury, but it didn't end well. The Art of War #5

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