The T.A.C. Page later entitled the Tactical Arms Compendium was a series of factfiles that appeared in Marvel UK's successive Action Force titles. The feature first appeared in the weekly Action Force #1 and continued throughout the title's lifespan, then reappeared in both Action Force Monthly and the Action Force annuals.

Each page depicted a piece of hardware, either a vehicle or a weapon, providing in-depth information about it. Entries in the weekly Action Force title were written as though by one of the characters, but entries in later series went for a more straightforward third person account.

Additionally several issues of the weekly Action Force contained T.A.C. Page "supplements". These were free two-page posters featuring a picture of one of the vehicles with all its features pointed out.

List of T.A.C. Pages

Action Force weekly

T.A.C. "supplements"

Action Force Monthly

Action Force annuals

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