Cobra hijacks a G.I. Joe-held satellite and uses it to destroy Joe Headquarters!

Detailed summary

During the launch of a shuttle, Cobra forces emerge from camouflaged positions alongside a pair of twins to capture it with cables fired from HISS tanks.

However, the Joes, lead by Flint also emerge from hiding, and drive them off, only for Cobra Commander (who somehow escaped capture) and the twins to escape with the aid of of giant water filled robots, which force mini-subs piloted by Roadblock and two others out of the water, while the ones Shipwreck and Snake-Eyes are in remain and follow into an underwater factory.


Featured Characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra

Memorable quotes

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Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • The intro for Season 1 has Flint yell "Yo Joe!" at the beginning, but with Duke's voice.
  • After the attack by the Fatal Fluffies on Space Station Delta, Clutch is incorrectly colored as Rock 'N Roll.
  • Clutch is clearly voiced by someone other than Michael Bell.

Continuity errors

  • Cobra Commander had been arrested at the end of the second miniseries yet is now running around heading Cobra at the beginning of the episode with no explanation.
  • Destro betrayed Cobra Commander and escaped at the end of the first mini-series, yet here he and Cobra Commander are together like nothing happened.
  • Skystrikers are ridiculously and implausibly durable; Flint uses the wing of his Skystriker to cut a H.I.S.S. in half!
  • Fatal Fluffies miraculously sprout laser rifles when they change.
  • Shortly after the attack on G.I. Joe headquarters, Quick Kick is spotted in a wide shot of Joes. However, Quick Kick won't be recruited into G.I. Joe until later on in "Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls."

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Given its high production number, heavy reliance on music composed by Rob Walsh, and its focus on 1985 characters, this miniseries was produced after other early episodes.
  • Zartan's disguise is "Sgt. Popper."
  • Duke's run of bad luck continues as, for the third consecutive miniseries, he is captured by Cobra in the first episode.
  • Ron Friedman wrote the scripts for all three miniseries, and to say that he keeps going to the same well of ideas is an understatement. In fact, the parallels between the first three miniseries are unmistakable:
    • All three start with the Joe team running a routine mission, followed by a Cobra sneak attack; Duke gets captured; there's a Cobra invention that can be used to subjugate the world; Joe and Cobra meet at three (four in the "Pyramid of Darkness" mini) separate locations with exotic names; the Joes meet a stranger along the way that helps them; one of his agents pulls a fast one on Cobra Commander in the final act; the Joes launch an all-out attack on the Cobra hideout.

Real-world references

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  • Among the foreign versions of the series, the Japanese one had an original intermission badge for the G.I.Joe organization: A blue and white Bald Eagle diving at a red Cobra, with the words: fight, friendship, freedom at the top; separated by the former's wings.

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