The Synthoid Conspiracy (Part I)

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"The Synthoid Conspiracy - Part 1"

Christy Marx

Production company

Sunbow Productions

Production code




Original airdate

October 7, 1985

General information

A Real American Hero animated continuity


G.I. Joe

Preceded by

Haul Down the Heavens

Followed by

The Synthoid Conspiracy (Part II)

Cobra replaces the Pentagon's top brass with artificial humans known as... synthoids!

Detailed summary

  • Synopsis not yet written.


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Others

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra

Memorable quotes

"C'mon, dollface. I know a little cafe in port were the spaghetti is great and the lights are dim. Let's you and I get together and--"

  • slap*

"Let's not and pretend we did, okay?"

--Don't worry, Shipwreck, Scarlett isn't the only fish in the sea.

"From this moment on, there is no G.I. Joe!"

--Synthoid General Franks, leaving the episode on a massive cliffhanger.

Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • As Scarlett asks Rock 'n Roll to drive closer to a F.A.N.G. helicopter, the scrolling background of the Joes' base is recycled and jumps slightly as it is repeated.
  • In one scene, Zartan's arms are colored the same blue as his chestplate.

Continuity errors

  • Duke, usually a stickler for detail, doesn't realize that the base is falling apart (no ammo, fuel or propane) until the other Joes point it out to him.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Synthoids would continue to plague the Joes in "There's No Place Like Springfield."
  • Duke is a sergeant, but since he holds jurisdiction over G.I. Joe operations as its field commander, he commands a higher level of respect than the normal enlisted man and holds superiority over the higher-ranked members of his team..
  • The "Now you know..." attached to this episode had Mutt teaching kids how to deal with a stray dog.

Real-world references

  • Zartan mentions Spider-Man.


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