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To mark the big-screen release of the action-packed sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, we asked YOU to create your own G.I. Joe Strike Force, and battle it out against other participant’s teams in an Ultimate Strike Force Battle.

You answered the call! And after weeks of close competition on the Wikia battlefield, you’ve determined which Strike Force has what it takes to save the world!

The final round winner, with 43 votes, is Base Team! Congratulations, D.A.Martin, on your winning entry.

"Base Team"

"G.I.Joe is the best of the best, so the ultimate strike force has to be the best of G.I.Joe. There is a reason why Duke, Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and either Roadblock or Heavy Duty are kept in most adaptations, and it's because they are a vital part of the team, and while Stalker isn't so in all incarnations, he at least is an important cornerstone in the ARAH version. As for how this strike force 'would 'work: Duke leads the strike force (Hawk could do it, but I see him more as the General who assigns their missions); Scarlett attacks on the front, firing and approaching the enemy at the same time; while Roadblock provides supporting fire; Stalker approaches the enemy with guerilla tactics; and Snake-Eyes is the trump card, silently moving from one side of the battlefield to the other, shooting and stabbing, destroying the enemies' secret weapon or giving Duke a space to reach the current plan's mastermind."

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