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Yo, Joe fans! In anticipation of the upcoming big-screen sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, we want YOU to create your own G.I. Joe Strike Force, and battle it out against other participant’s teams in our Ultimate Strike Force Battle.

We want to know which Joes you think are the strongest and best -- choose five. Standout teams will go head-to-head in a four-week battle tournament where community votes will determine the ultimate victor.

Now, get to work creating your Strike Force! But first -- because knowing is half the battle -- read the following rules carefully.


Your Ultimate G.I. Joe Strike Force must consist of any FIVE characters chosen from the classic "A Real American Hero" continuity. If one of your characters isn’t on this list, your entry will be disqualified.

Strike Forces should be comprised of Joes -- we only want the good guys. The inclusion of COBRA characters or non-aligned characters will cause your entry to be disqualified.

Fill out the entry form with an original name for your Strike Force (i.e. “Eagle’s Claw”), the five members of your squad, and a brief explanation as to why this particular team is the Ultimate G.I. Joe Strike Force. Convince us to send your team into battle!

Cutoff date/time for submission is 4PM PST on Thursday, February 27.

Eight teams will be chosen by Wikia staff to compete in the battle. Users will vote for their favorite in each bracket. There will be four voting rounds beginning Friday, February 28, with a new round posted each Friday, until March 21, when the victor is announced.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE FOR CREATING YOUR STRIKE FORCE: We want diverse teams. It’s inevitable that certain characters will appear on multiple squads, but Wikia will only allow two of the same character on each team. If your strike force shares three or more characters with another user's strike force, one of them will not be selected. That said, it's in your best interest to submit your squads early, before all the good characters are spoken for. Enter your squad name, squad members, your Wikia username, and a description of your squad’s insignia (we’ll create one for the winning entry).

All fields are required

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