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Vance Wingfield is a character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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Vance Wingfield is a visionary who foresees a great future. His future, however, is not the bright rosy one that most people would expect. He absolutely distrusts the government and predicts a war that will occur between the great nations and when all is said and done, someone must come and take charge of the rabble. But just exactly who will take charge? He believes his organization, Strike First, is up to the task. And what of the great war? Well, if there isn't one, make one.


A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

Wingfield was a paranoid who, with his strong personality, was able to create a small army of followers. Despite his harsh training methods which included using live ammunition in an evasion exercise, there do not seem to be any shortage of applicants. In order for his organization to grow, he made deals with and received funding and equipment from Cobra. His camp in Montana eventually became a red flag to the United States and the Joes are sent in to investigate. He reveals his master plan to his officers: drop a nuclear bomb in Russia and detonate another one in the United States, thereby starting World War III. The Joes are onto him and his bomber to Russia is shot down. The families of his recruits are getting confused and refusing to take his orders. With his plan falling apart, he was about to shoot one of his recruits' wives who is attempting to leave. His own wife, Shary, realizes he has become insane and shot him in the back but not before he is able to activate a remote timer to his other nuclear bomb. Fortunately, the Joes are able to stop it from exploding.[1]

Devil's Due Comics continuity


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