Articles regarding the various characters in the G.I. Joe fiction may use the layout as given below. Before filling in the different sections, introductory paragraph(s) is requested to be placed before all sections. As well as other necessary templates. As well as other necessary templates, most particular are the infobox templates vehicle infobox templates.

===Comics continuity===

===Animated continuity===

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==External links==

Certainly not all sections will be used but that will be the discretion of the writer as to what shall be kept and what shall be deleted.

Anyone familiar with G.I. Joe's comics history will know that the Marvel Comics (Marvel) and Devil's Due (DD) continuity are really one and the same. However, for the purposes of this wiki, a delineation is made for the two in order to mark the differences or alterations DD has done from Marvel.

Include any references that may be found. For references related to episodes or comics issues, you may use the storylink template so that the reader may know it is a link for a story.

Lastly, don't forget to include any applicable categories at the bottom.

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