Chuckles, Clutch and Rock 'n Roll and two Mounties are on a mission in Canada. Billy and Zartan are on Cobra Island. Snake-Eyes deals with Scarlett's situation. Destro and the Baroness leave Cobra.

Detailed summary

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Featured Characters

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G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians Dignitaries

Memorable quotes

"You would give up wearing the Destro family mask? Turn your back on centuries of tradition? Abdicate your position as head of M.A.R.S.? You'd give all that up for me?"
"I would give up more than that..."

--Baroness and Destro.

Other notes


  • In last issue's flashback, young Destro had blonde hair - in this issue, his hair is brown.
    • It's not inconceivable that his hair darkened as he aged, or that it was only blonde when it had been exposed to strong sunlight.

Items of note

Real-world references

  • The graffiti in the alley where Snake-Eyes fights Twisto and his gang says "Decepticons Rule."
  • Claude Rains played the Invisible Man, with his head wrapped entirely in bandages.

Footnotes and References

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