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The White Clown is the ringmaster of an European circus.


Marvel Comics continuity

When Snake-Eyes, Scarlett and the Blind Master came to his circus, they showed him an act of Snake-Eyes throwing knives to Scarlett while piggy-backing on the Blind Master, who balanced chainsaws while standing on a balloon. He hired them and told them that their next stop after leaving Austria would be Borovia. Shuttle Complex

At their arrival to Borovia, Sgt Mosiev asked for the bareback rider, just to remind the White Clown that the circus had a Borovian bareback rider named Magda, who disappeared after talking against the government. When Grlovski the dwarf found out that the new performers were actually coming to raid the Borovian gulag (with the help of Billy, Jinx and Storm Shadow), he told it to the White Clown and suggested him to tell it to Mosiev so he would tell them where Magda is. Instead, he helped them and the rescued Quick Kick, Snow Job and Stalker by bringing the human cannonball cannon to shoot them across the border. He explained to Grlovski that turning them in would have violated everything Magda believed. The Tenth Letter

When Cobra Commander helped President Metz against Borovian rebels, the Vipers captured the White Clown and Magda. Metz agreed to give them a fair trial, but before that could happen, Cobra Commander shot both rebels dead. Threads and Resolutions